Natalie has reported breaking news and features coverage on climate change, small businesses, student and community experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, and Philadelphia arts and culture. Her 2022 reporting on food deserts and 2023 reporting on community violence interventions in North Philadelphia were top finalists in the Hearst Journalism Awards for Investigative Reporting. 

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Crime: Without Targeted Support, Youth are Left Behind

Click here to return to the project page, where we have more stories about addressing crime in North Philadelphia. It’s the lower end of West Philadelphia, hence the name, from 33rd Street and 40th to Lancaster Avenue and Curie Boulevard. The population has historically been predominantly Black, though gentrification has now largely forced out Black residents. The area that remains is a tough place to live. Cement and asphalt choke out trees, and McDonalds and liquor stores vastly outpace supe

Philly’s New Violence Intervention Program Focuses On Stability And Support

In 2018, a man nicknamed Bear was released from Philadelphia’s Alternative & Special Detention prison facility on State Road after finishing a 20-year sentence. It was late at night, and Bear had just taken a shower after working his job at the orchard when an officer surprised him with news of his release. Bear was handed his street clothes, given a bus token, and driven a few blocks away to the nearest stop. He had no money, no home, no plan. “When you max your sentence out, you leave, and t

Health: Hospitals Expand Care to Address Violence at the Source

Amy Goldberg would like to be out of work. As surgeon in chief at Temple University Hospital, Goldberg wants to never have another patient come into the trauma unit because of a gunshot wound. That’s why she started Temple Safety Net in 2005. “For the longest time as a trauma surgeon, I felt that if all I was doing was operating on patients or taking care of patients, that I was


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Temple professor named Fulbright Global Scholar

Every time Sherri Hope Culver records her podcast, “Kids Talk Media,” she feels enlightened and reinvigorated by conversations with her sources about how media impacts their lives. Sources who have gappy teeth and can’t sit still, because they’re no more than 13 years old. Culver, a media studies and production professor researching children’s media and media literacy became a 2022-23 Fulbright Global Scholar – a distinction only awarded to 16 professors – which will allow her to expand her res
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